Sum-Plast manufactures premier pet products at reasonable prices. We design products to make life easier for pet owners and their pets. We offer durable pet bowls in a variety of sizes and shapes so that dogs or other small animals can have exactly the right bowl to make eating and drinking enjoyable. Our bowls conveniently stay put so pets do not have to struggle, and our bowls can be customized with your logo. We have a full line of retractable leashes perfect for dogs of any size. A retractable leash, unlike a traditional leash, allows dogs more freedom to roam, but enables their owners to stay in control when a shorter lead is necessary. Our comfortable leash grips and convenient braking systems are perfect for training, as well. Play time will become more exciting with our scented toys. We produce balls, tugs, discs, dumb bells, and rings from sturdy plastic that are ideal for regular training and can withstand heavy play. We also offer terrariums, cat litter scoops, litter boxes, bird feeders, bird water dispensers/distributors, hamster wheels, and multicolored hamster houses. Our aquarium accessories, such as fish breeders and filter wool, help to keep tanks clean while keeping fish and other aquatic life healthy. Our excellent customer service and quality products make Sum-Plast a pet care brand you can trust.