Whether your clients have pets that love to jump and catch discs or rings, fetch bouncy balls, or play with rope toys, our new scented toys will please their dogs or cats. We also offer dumbbells, tugs, and bones that will stimulate a dog’s chewing instinct and promote strong teeth. Our easy-to-wash rubber toys are available in many vibrant colors.


Our tug toys, fetchers, and other rubber toys are perfect for training, keeping pets fit, or just having fun. We manufacture our toys to entertain pets, and many are excellent tools for teaching dogs to chew safely without damaging personal items. Our superior rubber toys stand up to rigorous play, but are lightweight and can be easily gripped. Our tugs, balls, rings, bones, and discs help dogs exercise and maintain strong teeth. Our ever-popular ball rope toy conveniently floats so that dogs can enjoy retrieving it in the water. Our small colorful balls can also provide entertainment for playful cats.

Benefits of Sum-Plast Toys

When we manufacture our pet toys, we focus on satisfying pets and owners. Our quality thermoplastic pet toys withstand temperatures from -40 °C to 60 °C (-76 °F to 122 °F) making them suitable for nearly any climate. Your clients can confidently bring our thermoplastic rings, balls, discs, and tugs to the beach on a scorching day, or give them to their pets on a snowy winter evening without worrying that the toys will lose their shape or become damaged. Many toys come in multiple sizes and styles, so pets can grasp them comfortably. We offer SuperMax Discs with a hollow center and traditional Max Discs without a center hole. Our toys have a tantalizing scent that stimulates pets’ interest while encouraging them to chew and play.