Other Product

Sum-Plast pet products make caring for pets more convenient while enhancing their comfort. We realize that your customers may not always be at home, and our product designs make travel worry-free.

Our portable terrariums allow your customers to transport their pets to a summer home, vacation destination, or other convenient locale. They can avoid the hassle of finding someone to care for their pets or spending money for pet care. Additionally, they will have the pleasure of enjoying their pets’ company while they are away.

We also offer automatic bird feeders and water distributors that can be refilled every few days. While our automatic bird and water feeders are perfect for regular daily use, they are also ideal if your customers need to be away overnight. Furthermore, our bird pool helps birds remain comfortable and clean.

Many of our other products such as hamster wheels and small feeding bowls make it easier for pets to maintain their health. Our small feeding bowls are perfectly sized so that small animals, such as mice, can easily reach their food without struggle. Our products promote pets’ wellbeing.

Your customers can use our cat litter scoops to clean out litter boxes and keep them fresh and odor free. We offer different sizes of litter boxes so your customers can have one that is the right size for their cat and their space.

We also sell filter wool, which helps attract filthy particles, and thus keeps ponds or tanks clear and clean. A clean environment will help aquatic life, such as fish, frogs, turtles and plants, live longer. If your customers are interested in breeding fish, they can use our fish hatchery to prolong the life of baby fish by protecting them from being eaten.