Expand Your Walks with Sum-Plast Retractable Leashes

Have you ever struggled with dog walking only to feel like the dog is walking you? The dog may be well-behaved but eager to explore during a walk, or he may just feel restricted by the short lead space he gets from a traditional leash. Sum-Plast can provide your customers with the perfect solution – a retractable leash that can make walks more enjoyable for your customers and their dogs.

Sum-Plast retractable leashes combine function and style to make dog walking a pleasure. Sum-Plast retractable leashes have a plastic handle that is easy to hold and manipulate while walking a dog; it is carefully molded for maximum comfort.


Additionally, Sum-Plast retractable leashes feature a one-handed operation system, which includes a simple braking and retraction system. As customers walk their dogs, they will be able to use the convenient controls on the handle that allow them to brake by simply by pressing a single button with their thumb. The leash easily retracts and extends, and the button that operates it is comfortably placed within easy reach.


The retraction mechanism is protected in a sturdy plastic housing, and a metal snap hook at the end of the leash allows your customers to attach their dogs securely. Both models also have a one-year limited factory warranty. Our wide selection of durable retractable leashes should make it a snap to find a comfortable leash that satisfies your customers and their dogs. We manufacture retractable leashes for dogs up to eighty-eight pounds.


Not only is using Sum-Plast retractable leashes more pleasant for dogs, but it is more convenient for dog owners. Imagine walking outdoors on a typical rainy day; our leashes will allow your customers the convenience of standing under an awning, or by their doors while providing their dogs with enough lead to take care of their business.

Furthermore, controlling the length of the leash will minimize tangles. A fully extended Sum‑Plast retractable leash will provide dogs with a maximum of 5 meters (approximately 16 feet) of lead room, but your customers should keep in mind that full leads are best for open spaces. When in a crowded area, the lead can be shortened easily and quickly so that dogs remain nearby.

Sum-Plast retractable leashes are the best choice for dog owners. Our leashes are also excellent tools to help reinforce simple commands. Ease of use, comfort, and convenience make Sum‑Plast retractable leashes stand apart. Purchase our expandable leashes today and enable your customers to expand the fun of dog walking.

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